Art of Winningrock, Inc.

               Art of Winning Rock:  “Adding Color to Life”.


  The Art of Winning Rock (“AWR”) is a society of artists dedicated to enriching communities by encouraging appreciation and acknowledgment of art.  Together through our website, supporters, and different mediums of art:  we inspire, discover, and promote new artistic talent.  We are dedicated to strengthening communities by providing new and exciting opportunities for artists in need of exposure, and connecting them to a worldwide audience.


   AWR’s Actions:  Our members and supporters are committed to cultivating vibrant communities by inspiring young artist to develop their artistic talents.  The Art of Winning Rock’s vision is made possible through creating, hosting, organizing, and participating in several art venues, such as:  exhibitions, festivals,  fairs, and fund raisers.


   AWR’s Impact:  Through our continued efforts, and with the growing support of our community, we will build a better tomorrow for our artists and aspiring youth.


Terms and Conditions

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